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Real Electronic Cigarettes

Real Electronic Cigarettes is a great company out with great customer service and a kick ass rewards program! They test there Eliquids and cartridges to ensure quality with no contaminates. With high quality products and vapor producing ecigs worthy of a real cigarette you really cant go wrong on this one. Free shipping and competitive pricing make it a great starter for the new e-cig smoker & if you like the flavored cartridges they got a ton of flavors along with the traditional tobacco & menthol. There new Amerismoke brand is assembled in the USA and features two kits the micro and the regular. With a ton of accessories and color chooses of there electronic cigarettes you can actually make a choice on which is best for you the 3 piece e-cig, the 2 piece e-cig, there American brand which you can even see the ingredients of the cartridges along with batch numbers for quality control. One of only a few companies that test and make there own e-juice in the USA. This is my top choice for e-cigs I smoke the new green Vapor King eTank everyday and love it! Check out the e cigarette kits offered by Real Electronic Cigarettes below.

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Vapor King Storm: The new Vapor King Storm holds 1.1ml of Eliquid in its newly designed e-tank system, it also comes with a high tech 650 mah battery which lasts all day long. Its bigger then most ecigs out there but if you love to vap this is the one to buy, you dont have to keep refilling your eliquid or charging your battery every few hours. The Vapor King Storm Kit includes *2 storm (3.7V/650mAh) batteries, *2 storm eTank atomizers, *1 5-pack empty eTank cartridges, *1 storm home outlet charger, *1 storm (5V/450mAh) usb charger, *1 storm pouch, *1 users manual, *1 gift box


Vapor King E-Tank: The New Vapor King eTank system is sweet, no more wasting money on prefilled cartridges, you can use any flavor or brand eliquid you like! The see through eTank system makes it easy to tell if you need more liquid in the tank. The whopping 5 volt batteries are industry leading and last for a long time. The powerful battery and pin point atomizer technology creates a cloud of vapor with every pull. I highly recommend this ecig not only is it powerful it looks super cool! Vapor King eTank Kit includes *2 Vapor King 5volt eTank batteries, *2 Vapor King eTank atomizors, *1 5-pack empty eTank cartridges, *1 home outlet charger/usb charger, *1 Vapor King eTank manual, *1 gift box


DuoPro: The DuoPro has the look and feel of a real cigarette with a simple 2 piece design which makes it ideal for long term smokers. The cartomizer technology gives you a fresh atomizer with every new cartridge, though its a little more expensive for refills you wont have to worry about an atomizer that can burn out and will have to be replaced. It has a good draw and consistant vapor, the battery lasted a while but if you smoke heavely you will need the 2 batteries to make it through the day. The cartomizer flavors consist of Tobacco | Menthol | Cherry | Coffee | Chocolate | Vanilla | Cuban Cigar | Grape | Cola | Strawberry | Watermelon & have an overall good taste. The Starter kit consists of *2 Electronic Cigarette Units (Batteries), *5 Cartomizer Cartridges, *1 Home Outlet Charger, *1 User’s Manual, *1 Giftbox.



Amerismoke: The Amerismoke series is another 2 piece design that mimics the look and feel of a real cigarette. All the liquid in the cartomizers are batch tested by an american lab. There are 2 electronic cigarette kits in the series , the standard & the micro. The only difference between the two are the battery size , the micro being smaller then the standard. Its a good ecig with a great draw.


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  1. Real Electronic Cigarettes have been my main source of vapor products sense last year. There customer service and quality of products amazes me to this day. They always have new flavors and new products that keep me coming back.

  2. Real Electronic Cigarettes is tops when it comes to customer services and quality of product. Every time I get my ecig supplies it’s always the best price and delivery. I love how they keep updating their products to make their line better and better. The new 30 ML refills and tank cartridge technology is a must have if you use electronic cigarettes. Can’t wait to see what they have next, keep it coming!

  3. Real Electronic Cigarettes was the first impression I had on electronic cigs. Myself as a non-smoker thought the “non-second hand smoke” was a key find in the idea of “electronic cigs”. The patch, gum & ect” ways to get nicotine in your system but this way is just taking away the “extra ingredence, tar, ash, smoke, filters you find on the ground and also the huge amount of money spent for packs these days”. A battery, a atomizer (whats like an inhaler that makes steam) then boom you got yourself a cigarette. If you are iffy on the idea of investing into a electric cig i’d say do research, as it’s health you will be investing in. -RD

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