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The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig is a heavily tested ecig making it durable & safe. This company is very passionate about the ecig culture and products investing heavily in them both. The ecig battery and cartomizer together created a heavy vapor and solid flavor. The only thing I didnt like was that they were lacking in the flavor department, but that’s ok if you are a menthol or tobacco smoker because those flavors produced a nice smooth hit. They have 6 nicotine levels from 0mg – 24 mg. Free shipping, a 30 day guarantee & a lifetime warrenty make it a solid choice for your vaping needs. With this company researching and moving the product forward rest assured you will be on the cutting edge using there products. Watch our SafeCig videos under the video tab to see more of this product.

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The SafeCig deluxe kit comes with everything you will need to start vaping. The construction and quality of this ecig is superior to say the least. The battery lasted for quite some time but I do suggest having the spare battery charged and ready to go to keep you vaping the whole day. It has the look and feel of a real cigarette making it a good choice for long time smokers. The deluxe kit consists of *3 – White Electronic Cigarette Batteries, *2 – USB Chargers, *1 – Wall Chargers, *1 – Car Charger, *1 – Safe Case, *2 – 5 packs of Refill Cartridges


The SafeCig pro kit is a great starter kit for someone whos looking to switch to an electronic cigarette. The Safecig has sturdy construction and is manufactured to the highest standards. The price is a little higher than other brands because of all the r&d put into the safecig. This brand is tops to me and I highly reccomend this product. The pro kit consists of
*2 – White Electronic Cigarette Batteries, *1 – USB Charger, *1 – Wall Charger, *1 – 5 pack of Refill Cartridges.


The SafeCig Micro

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